Passada vs Kizomba

I see many debates or conversations online about passada and I can see that many people don’t actually know the difference between passada and kizomba. In fact, because of this confusion there is a “war” between Caboverdian and Angolan teachers trying to prove that what we call kizomba today was influenced by passada from Cabo Verde. … More Passada vs Kizomba

Pitanga Weekender in Philadelphia 12/3/16-12/4/16

Eddy Vents’ intensive training course known for producing the finest kizomba and semba social dancers is headed to the East Coast for the very first time. Tickets and info click here SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 12-6 pm: Intermediate/Advanced semba. Only 20 spaces available. Applicants must submit a video to $100 tickets available until 12/2, which *includes* … More Pitanga Weekender in Philadelphia 12/3/16-12/4/16