Pitanga March 2017 Artist Announcement

We are excited to announce the addition of Paulo Isidoro to the Pitanga Weekender March 10th-12th, 2017.  Tickets click here

About Paulo

Paulo Isidoro was born and raised in Luanda, Angola and currently resides in France.  Like most West Africans, he doesn’t remember a time when dancing wasn’t a part of life, but it wasn’t until 2007 that his “passada,” kizomba and semba, was of notable quality.  Paulo began teaching in 2010 and one year later started his own dance school in Luanda after participating in Angola’s National kizomba and semba competition.

He considers himself a social dancer of common Angolan dances.  While his passion and the dances he’s devoted to mastering are passadas, both kizomba and semba, he’s well versed in the history of dance and music revolutions of his native Angola.

Paulo’s inspirations are many famous dancers in Angola who never garnered international acclaim.  Of those artists who went on to become famous beyond Angola’s borders Mateus Pele, Calado Show, Tinho Paim, Dilson & Bernadeth, Bonifacio Aurio & Rosa, and Nelson Lima & Isabel.

When he’s not dancing, you might find this self-proclaimed “football addict” on a field indulging his biggest passion.  On the dance scene Pauo keeps a low profile but make no mistake, he’s a well-respected dancer in the PALOP community.  What he loves most about kizomba and semba is the connection.  “The way I can talk to the person dancing with me, without actually speaking…I like it simple, clean and classic.”

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